We all know the venue plays a huge part in creating the perfect moment. For any and all occasions, we are here to help. Whether it is planning a lecture on an important issue of our day or wanting to get all the details of your wedding day just right, consider allowing us to serve you by holding your events here. 


When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, the only concern of the bride(s) or groom(s) should be saying "I do." 

As to the rest of the details, leave it to the wedding coordinator and Pastor Ross to ensure all the moments leading up to you walking down the aisle remains a time of excitement, anticipation, joy, with zero stress.


Have a story to share with the world?

Know an issue which needs to be addressed?

Both the sanctuary and Macomber Hall can accommodate hundreds of individuals eager to hear what you have to say. Let your voice be heard and our church be the place where you get to share new ideas with your loved ones, neighbors, and friends.


The sanctuary of our church was designed for musical performances -- whether from an organ, a guitar, a quartet, or a fifteen person band.

Music is a gift from the divine which elevates the soul, able to warm even the coldest of grumps or stir the skeptical to dance. As an initiative to support the making of new music, we are excited to serve as performance or concert space for any and all musical talent.


Saying goodbye is never easy. The end of life always leaves the need to gather together with family, neighbors, and friends to share memories, say eulogies, and commend a loved one back to God.

If you are in need of assistance planning a funeral and do not have a location, we encourage you to contact Pastor Ross and let him take the stress of planning and hosting the service from your shoulders, so you can focus on grieving and saying goodbye.

For any special event you may have in mind, contact the church office and let us get to work.