At St. Stephen's, we strive to be a force for good in our community. Our members take pride in giving back both locally and around the globe. Take a look below at some of our missions and community outreach initiatives.


Christ told his disciples the poor will always be among them, so the church must have a heart for those in need. That is why, since the 80's, our church has built a strong relationship with My Brother’s Table. Located in Lynn, MA, this community shelter and dining hall is a “place of big meals and small miracles” for those who are hungry. Donate pasta and sauce each month or join us as we serve our neighbors!


We believe that love is love. As Christ is the manifestation of God's love on this earth, we follow Christ's model of embracing all people. Jesus is drawing the circle wide and there is room enough for all types of love in the church; therefore, we affirm the sacred worth of all form of love. We are advocates for queer rights and for all people to be able to love themselves, however they identify.


We believe the Holy One created all people in God's own image, so all people are of sacred worth. Yet, inequality still exists at all levels of every day life. As a church we are committed to working toward a day when better equality exists. We march; we protest; and we engage with others locally and nationally in this pursuit of justice. Join us.