What is a United Methodist?


The best answer: hmmm, let’s talk about it. Talking, or as United Methodists say – holy conferencing – is a foundational element to how we as United Methodists understand our faith. From our perspective, God and humanity have an ongoing and dynamic relationship, with many arguments, wrestling, joys, and hugging. We believe God is active in the life of the global Church and is often revealing new wisdom to us; therefore, United Methodists convene annually to hear what each of us seems to be hearing from the Lord. In light of our penchant for conversation and listening to one another, we hold true to certain core convictions of the Christian faith, yet remain open to God telling us something new!


We believe God has given all humanity the grace to realize that we are more than consumers, more than our mistakes, more than cogs in a system, we are children of God who are made in God’s very own image. We are holy, so each Sunday and throughout the week we gather to celebrate our relationship with our creator. We believe God is present in our community, in our church, and in Marblehead, so we are on mission to the community to spread the love and grace of Christ to all who will listen and believe.


What is our present?


We are at a crossroads currently. As the world shifts, so must the Church, and we are excited for this new opportunity to discern what our specific mission is in Marblehead and the greater North Shore. We encourage you to come out, see what we are up to, and help us listen to where God is leading Saint Stephen’s in the mission field of our community. Our future is bright and we are full of energy to see how God is at work here.